Van Gogh, wine and absinthe

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Van Gogh was partial to drink. And would often find himself in night cafes , or brothels - after he had finished a hard days work in the fields - where alcohol was readily available. He drank wine often, but his favourite drink was the potent spirit, Absinthe. Absinthe mythology Absinthe is a distilled spirit derived from plants, such as wormwood and green anise, and herbs. It became synonymous with stories of hallucinogenic effects on the drinker. As it’s reputation grew it inspired a great deal of art and literature in the 19 th and 20 th century, and became popular with a number of famous writers, thinkers, and artists, including Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. Oscar Wilde and absinthe Oscar Wilde, himself a regular drinker, described its effects in this way: “After the first glass of...

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Van Gogh and Prostitutes

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Van Gogh was always attracted to those looked down upon in society. He dedicated his life to the less fortunate firstly as a preacher, and then later as an artist. Prostitutes were regarded poorly in Van Gogh’s day, so there is no surprise they became subjects of some of Van Gogh’s paintings , or that he would often turn to them for human contact. Van Gogh and Sien Van Gogh was unlucky in love, though he had his longest romantic relationship with a prostitute named Sien. He invited her and her young child to live with him, as she was heavily pregnant at the time and had no where else to go. She allowed herself to become Van Gogh’s muse and model for this period and she sat for him often, giving Van Gogh ample time to develop his portrait skills. Van Gogh preferred friends and lovers, as well as...

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Vote for the winner of the Snapchat Starry Night competition

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We have a winner: Congratulations Zak King, you are the winner of a Starry Night reproduction. Your Christmas Tree with snapchat Starry Night filter received 86% of all votes! Congratulations Therasa Gonet, Zak King and Lozano Sara to have reached the finals of the Snapchat Starry Night competition! Vote for your favorite photo. Vote at and the winner gets a hand painted Starry Night replica in oil on canvas. Check here how they reached the finals. These are their photos in random order: Therasa Gonet's Christmas dinner: Zak King's Christmas tree: Lozano Sara's Christmas swing:

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Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

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Café Terrace at Night—Everything You Need To Know Café Terrace at Night was one of the first nocturnal scenes painted by Van Gogh at the time of his stay in Arles . This raises a lot of questions for most people who are looking at it, from how it was made to what kind of meaning it is supposed to represent. Who Painted Café Terrace at Night ? Café Terrace at Night is a part of a series of masterful paintings crafted by the famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh suffered from a series of catastrophic love failures, which played a key role in aggravating his lifelong mental illness. His only respite used to come from taking in the scenery around him and applying them onto canvas. During one of the brief spells where he was actually able to paint, he created Café...

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Snapchat Starry Night Filter: Win a hand painted Starry Night Replica!

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How to win a hand painted Starry Night reproduction for Christmas: 1) Check out Snapchat's recently launched realy cool Van Gogh filter. 2) Turn your favorite Christmas photo into Starry Night style. 3) Upload your Starry Night photo on our Facebook page . Santa Claus in Starry Night style. Up till now creating a Van Gogh from any photo was impossible. Thanks to Snapchat filters it is now reality: turn your photo into Starry Night style. Create a Starry Night from any one of your photos! To apply the Starry Night filter use Paintbrush in Snapchat, simply by opening any of your saved snaps in 'Memories', hit 'Edit & Send', tap the little pencil in the bottom left corner of the screen, then tap the paintbrush tool on the top right. Have a look: The Van Gogh Museum turned into...

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