This year marks the 125th year since Van Gogh’s death. He is still revered around the world, and continues to inspire new generations, so to celebrate the work and life of the Dutch master, this year has been named ‘Van Gogh Year’.

2015 The Year of Van Gogh

Events in four countries

This is the largest event ever planned to honour Van Gogh, and along with the museums where his work is already displayed, there is also some 30 organisations, all coming together to put on the event.

There will be special programs in places where Van Gogh lived and worked, including cycling tours through areas of significance, such as his homeland of Brabant, cultural events, and of course a whole plethora of digital apps to help connect the younger generations to the mythical and still significant life story of Van Gogh.
The whole event will span four countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and France.

A new retrospective

Some of the activities planned are The Van Gogh Museum will also host a special exhibition, pairing Van Gogh and Edward Munch together in a special retrospective, and highlighting the parallels and differences of their artistic journeys, as they both sought new ways of expression and in turn completely modernized the art practices of their respective times.

Van Gogh in 3D

There will also be a special 3D representation of three of Van Gogh’s masterpieces in an exhibition at Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, using state of the art Fujifilm technology, this promises to be a new way to appreciate a Van Gogh. The other countries will have their own, similar websites detailing their activities.

If there is a year to buy a Van Gogh reproduction, and be reminded of an artist that graced this earth over 125 years ago, then this is THE year! So you can now leave that hesitation behind, head to the shop and feel the creative energy of one of the greatest artists to have ever lived.
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