Tania & Philipp - 26/11/2018 at 15:36

Hi Erik,

Thank you once again for having us at the studio last week. We landed back home yesterday and guess what?! Our Starry Night had arrived before we did! When you mentioned the 4 days delivery time to NYC I wasn’t sure if you really meant that but you actually did! And just like you said, it came in perfect shape thanks to the tube protection.

We are off to the framers now to get our beautiful souvenir ready to hang. Thank you so much Erik for your hospitality and great service. We will definitely come back!

Paul Dominique - 26/11/2018 at 15:34

My experience of working with VGS has been very pleasant. My emails have been answered within hours and the gentleman who owns the company was always there to guide me through the process of selection, ordering, payment and shipment.

The painting has been delivered in time, with the right packaging and in excellent condition. The quality of the painting – from paint thickness and craftiness to colors and the truthfulness of the strokes – is superb. I highly recommend VGS and look forward to working with them again.

Emilia Bosman - 26/11/2018 at 15:32

Dear Erik,

I can't thank you enough. My order - Café Terrace At Night - arrived today and it’s just amazing. My husband loved it.

He is not so much of an internet buyer when it comes to art and it kind of became a debate subject between us lately. Therefore it took some convincing from my side to place an order with you and I am so glad I did it. What we received today is absolutely a museum quality oil reproduction and it exceeds not only my husband’s but also my expectations. We can’t wait to get it framed and send you a picture.

Thank you for your great service, friendliness and trustworthiness.

With my warmest regards,

Emilia Bosman

Daniel - 18/10/2018 at 16:03

I thank Van Gogh Studio very much for this painting! The frontman of the VGS communicating with the customers is Erik van der Velde, who is absolutely proffesional, pro-customer oriented, responsive - only positives. As an owner, this way he knows his customers directly. I also like the fact, that this studio is dedicated to VVGogh`s lifework, that it is located right in the Netherlands - If I would be a VVG loving artist, I would like to work right there. :) The painting itself, which I wanted in original size, is perfect, absolutely truthful, the colours are perfect. Now we have an original painting at home. An untrained eye would not recognize the difference. I am happy. :)

John O. - 11/10/2018 at 13:59

This painting of Starry Night makes me smile every time I look at it. I previously purchased a Print of it from another site, and while it looked good, this blows it out of the water. The attention to detail and vibrant colors of the oil on canvas make this painting my new favorite in my entire house. I spent a lot of time looking at other reproduction galleries but none of their Starry Night reproductions met my standards until I found this one. I want to thank Erik and everyone else at Van Gogh Studio for their great customer service and fantastic paintings. I will be buying Cafe Terrace in the future and I cannot wait!

Theresa Z. - 02/10/2018 at 11:15

I absolutely love it, what a wonderful job!!!!!

Jesse van Straaten - 21/09/2018 at 14:39

Ever since I moved to Canada I've wanted to have a painting that reminds me of my home country. This Dutch scenery by Van Gogh reminds me of my fantasic childhood in Holland.

Jelle Wood - 21/09/2018 at 14:19

Amazing to have this world famous painting in my living room now. When I look at it, I think of Van Gogh who inspires me every day.

Tatiana Simms - 02/09/2018 at 20:50

The colors are stunning. This was the first time I bought from Van Gogh Studio. Every time has been a great experience.

Jerry Durnan - 29/08/2018 at 11:35

Hi Erik,

What a cool little painting. A little "Starry Night." I love it! Very crafty...and a good bit of work. Every square centimeter is differing in detail...lots of brush strokes. It's awesome!

I will hang it in my exam room with the rest of the Van Gogh's.

Thank you so much.

Kindest Regards,

Marc van den Witteboer - 28/08/2018 at 19:56

Well received thank you. Can't wait to see it framed. Regards, Marc

Jorg Henckes - 28/08/2018 at 19:03

Just splendid! The brushstrokes are amazing. My wife loved her birthday present. We're gonna hang it in the livingroom.

Oliva Paulissen - 27/08/2018 at 20:10

So beautiful. And thank you Erik for the fantastic service. I will recommend Van Gogh Studio. It was a pleasure ordering from you and this was not my last time.

Tatiana Jefferson - 27/08/2018 at 17:50

I was in Arles in November. This is the best souvenir I can imagine. The thick brushstrokes our outstanding. Just like Van Gogh!

Simon Bults - 22/08/2018 at 11:25

The Yellow House looks excellent in my house. Very happy with Van Gogh Studio guiding me through the process. I am very glad I can look at my favorite painting everyday!

Cristel Braaksma - 22/08/2018 at 11:15

I was born in Nuenen so your painting means a lot to me. Thank you very much! - All the best from Canada, Cristel

Michael Dawson - 13/08/2018 at 14:57

Just received my star. It is wonderful! Very happy with my mini Van Gogh!

Marc Taylor - 03/08/2018 at 12:12

Everyone is impressed by the Church at Auvers replica. I will soon go to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris to compare and look for my next painting te have painted by you.

Amanda Richardson - 01/08/2018 at 22:01

I saw my favorite painting, Vase with Irises, in the Met in New York. Thanks to van Gogh Studio's wonderful job I am now very content with my own masterpiece. Erik responded very quickly and helped me through the process.

Floortje de Klerk - 31/07/2018 at 16:15

I am very delighted with my painting. I received it after 4 days perfectly protected in a tube. Off to the framer now. Can't wait to have it in my livingroom, very happy!

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