La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom Van Gogh reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom is one of those paintings Van Gogh made during his trip to Southern...



Vincent Van Gogh Paintings at The Coultauld Gallery

The Coultauld Gallery located on the Strand in the centre of London and housed in the historic, Somerset House, is also at the heart of the The Coultauld Institute of Art that specializes in the study of art history and conservation. The art gallery includes work spanning a large period of time, from medieval to modern times, and was founded in 1932.  It is known for its French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, and along with the largest collection of Cezannes in the UK, they also have Van Gogh’s works, including La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom, and the very well-known, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.

Vincent van Gogh replica oil paintings for sale

If you enjoy the expertise and artistry in Van Gogh’s paintings, there really is no better way to appreciate them than to have your very own.

The two works, La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom and Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear are good examples of Van Gogh’s range as a painter. In La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom Van Gogh is painting his beloved southern French landscapes. This painting is noticeable for the lighter palette Van Gogh used, and the varied brush strokes that made up the different elements in the painting, giving it a beautiful dream-like quality.

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear is a very famous self-portrait, painted after his mental breakdown and self-harming behaviour. It could be a very flat painting, especially when compared to La Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom but through the use of his vertical brushstrokes Van Gogh was able to imbue these surfaces with a texture and dimension, and his use of colour gave it a strong vitality that makes it intriguing to gaze at.

Van Gogh Studio

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