Glass of beer and Playing Cards Gris reproduction oil painting reproductions
Glass of beer and Playing Cards Gris reproduction oil painting reproductions
Glass of beer and Playing Cards Gris reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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Tree Roots by Van Gogh is probably his last painting. As is it so much zoomed into the subject it shows elements of abstract art. Juan Gris may have been inspired by this.

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Glass of beer and Playing Cards by Juan Gris reproduction in oil on canvas

Van Gogh Studio is located in Amsterdam, and our collection consists solely of oil paintings on canvas created by primarily Dutch artists. We have devoted our time to studying the painting methods of Van Gogh and other renowned painters from the past and carefully examined their brushstrokes, color mixing, mood, and overall approach to painting.


In 1913, Juan Gris, a significant personality in the Cubism art movement, crafted the artwork titled Glass of Beer and Playing Cards, showcasing his vibrant Cubist techniques characterized by wide, angular surfaces that intersect each other. This piece is part of a series of still-life paintings that Gris produced during his 90-day visit to Céret, Pyrenees.

A stunning optical effect

This artwork is a remarkable representation of the Cubist movement, showcasing a fragmented portrayal of a glass of beer and a deck of cards, which remain recognizable to the viewer. The use of lines and geometric figures in the painting creates a stunning optical effect, making it an essential milestone in the history of art. This piece is one of the finest examples of Cubism, where the subject matter is deconstructed and reconstructed into various shapes and forms, challenging traditional notions of perspective and representation.

Buy a hand-painted reproduction of Juan Gris' Glass of beer and Playing Cards.

The original painting is a part of the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art and is not for sale. But why settle for a poster when you can beautify your interior with an affordable oil painting?

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Glass of beer and Playing Cards Gris reproduction

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