Van den Bergh - Vranken 04-08-2022 at 17:52:21

Ontzettend bedankt voor alle mooie werken, de prima service en het uitzonderlijk talent dat jullie aan de dag gelegd hebben. Niettegenstaande de verschillende stijlen, kleurpaletten en uitvoeringen vinden wij ze allemaal even geslaagd en voelen we ons bevoorrecht om er elke dag van te kunnen genieten. Het is ongetwijfeld een van de beste investeringen die we ooit gedaan hebben!
We wensen jullie nog veel succes in de toekomst want zulk artistiek talent mag gezien worden!
(Van Goghs Sterrennacht en Weg met cipres en ster; Lavendelveld Provence en Pop Art Albert Einstein)

Jan Kuhlman 04-08-2022 at 10:46:31

My Field with Poppies is just how I hoped it would be. The artist has realy captured the essence of Van Gogh.

Kim Puppe 01-08-2022 at 10:17:44

It feels like a own an original Van Gogh now. The frame is outstanding and was very professionally shipped. Will definitely buy another one in the future.
(framed small Sunset at Montmajour)

Lisa Moore 29-07-2022 at 09:19:44

Amazing quality. Better than expected.
(Mulberry Tree)

Brent 27-07-2022 at 15:11:52

Exceptional quality and service! Regards, Brent
(Almond Tree)

Chantal Monti 18-07-2022 at 20:25:04

I actually had a coffe on this terrace in Arles. Great memories of Arles and Saint-Rémy. My oil painting of the cafe terrace souvenir I could wish. Absolutely love it.

Kurt Ypenburg 13-07-2022 at 10:17:13

I was lucky to see the original Irises in LA. The replica is like the best souvenir ever to a fantastic museum visit. The detail and thickness of the paint is stunning. Very impressive.

Miriam 12-07-2022 at 10:51:44

Just love it. Thank you so much. My Starry Night makes me dream like Vincent van Gogh.

Michel Bultman 11-06-2022 at 10:40:49

I ordered the large version and I am very happy with it. My painted Almond Blossom seems to glow into the whole room. A print could never do that. Will definitely order another one. Dankjewel Van Gogh Studios!

James Cortes 03-05-2022 at 10:35:10

Erik actually helped me in a video call to check the size of the painting on my wall. Throughout the whole process of buying we realised the passion at Van Gogh Studio. Truly inspiring! Very happy with my Irises.

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