Sandra J. 25-07-2019 at 14:31:29

This is exactly what I was hoping for! I asked Erik if the brushstrokes were really like Van Gogh’s painings. I was able to see my painting for approval. As soon as the painting was dry it was shipped very fast to the USA by UPS. In person it is even better!

Thank you so much, Sandra.

Nicholas H. 25-07-2019 at 14:17:18

In reality even better than the photos for approval. My next one will probably one of the Olive Tree series. Van Gogh Studio is a great company, it was a real pleasure ordering and following the updates on my Starry Night. Nicholas

Michael und Stefan 22-07-2019 at 22:01:54

Auf dem Weg von Deutschland nach Zeeland machten wir Halt in Zundert, dem Geburtsort von van Gogh. Wir waren sofort begeistert und kauften Zeegezicht für unser Ferienhaus. Als wir in Zeeland ankamen, war das Bild schon da! Erik hält seine Versprechen und Vereinbarungen!

LG Michael und Stefan (Düsseldorf)

Driving from Germany to our vacationhouse in Zeeland, we stopped in Zundert, birthplace of van Gogh. We we were fascinated by his lifestory and find out he also paints views of the sea. Our vacationhouse is at the sea and we bought Zeegezicht. When we arrive in Zeeland the painting already was there as you told us. Danke Erik!

Hal M. 19-07-2019 at 10:13:51

It just arrived and the painting is awesome!!! Thanks so much for all the attention you gave to my order and the great work that was done to complete this painting. I feel like I have an actual Van Gogh.

Thanks … Hal

Samantha S. 12-07-2019 at 11:12:43

In need for a great replica of Starry Night above your bed ? VanGoghstudios is the place to order. I needed it fast and needed quality as well. No fuzz with extra deliverycosts or anything. Great job!


Robert James Miller 10-07-2019 at 01:44:15

I believe the Van Gogh Studio of Erik's with his full time staff and employees is carrying on Vincent's dream of what he wanted to do himself. Vincent wanted to start a commune with others artists that could accomplish this dream of his there in Arles, France. He had this vision of an assembly line of trained artist in his art commune producing a lot of original art all by working together. They would produce only original watercolors and oil painting to be sold affordable all over Europe from many different outlet at reasonable prices for every house hold. They could make variant copies of all the known masterful painters from around the world for the general public to be able to hang in their own houses to enjoy original watercolors and oil painting works of art.

Robert V. 08-07-2019 at 11:38:20

I decided to give my wife 'The Irises' for our 25th wedding anniversary. Erik told me that Irises represents (amongst others) 'friendship with you means a lot to me'. The quality of the painting exceeds all of my and my wife's expectations. Erik, thank you for your advice and wonderful service!


Angela N. 01-07-2019 at 13:07:45

It is nice to notice the passion of a small company giving their everything to make the best possible product. Also the customer service of Van Gogh Studio is of very high and personal level. That experience all together makes me enjoy my irises replica even more. Thank you! Angela.

Nicolette 28-06-2019 at 12:07:46

First I ordered a mini painting. I was flabbergasted by the quality and the service. A poster is nothing. I can smell the paint, touch the brushstrokes. This is alive. So I ordered a Starry Night in its original size. And it is even better. Nicolette.

Casper 27-06-2019 at 10:19:06

I live in Amsterdam and Erik even came to my home to deliver my framed painting and hang it my the wall. For free! Thank you so much – Casper

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