Kim Stone 11-07-2021 at 09:42:33

I received a van Gogh Studio gift voucher for my birthday. It wasn’t easy to choose, there are so many beautiful Van Gogh paintings. But the Irises is my all time favorite. I saw the original in LA. Of course the original should be in a museum to be shown to the world. But mine is really just like it. Thank you very much!

Danny Haddington 29-06-2021 at 13:19:13

Starry Night is my favorite Van Gogh. I have seen the original mulitiple times in the MOMA. And yet I picked a lesser known piece by Van Gogh. I keep looking at my own Cypresses with Two Figures and one day I hope to see the original in the Museum in the Netherlands.

Marek Wiegmann 23-06-2021 at 11:38:34

I bought Olive Grove and Olive Trees with Yellow Sky. And these won’t be the last olive trees I purchased. How cool is it to decorate my house with Van Gogh style olive trees. Vincent loved the trees and painted many. Thanks to Erik and artists I feel like I live in the South of France now.

Philip Kotler 19-06-2021 at 16:34:27

I saw the original in the KrollerMuller Museum in The Netherlands. It is a special museum located in a national park and I fell in love with the painting then. Instead of buying a poster I googled and discovered Van Gogh Studios. This is the best souvenir I could wish for. Thank you so much!

Julie Adler 16-06-2021 at 11:42:37

This was my first real painting. I thought I had to be rich to be able to buy a beautiful oil painting. And Starry Night is my favorite painting ever too! Still can’t believe this is hanging in my living room now.

Cindy McCormack 13-06-2021 at 10:27:00

Erik even provided a video with tips to select the right frame. My painting is stunning and this has been a very niceexperience. My next painting will be Tree Roots which I will be visiting in Auvers this year.

Leonardo Robson 11-06-2021 at 16:04:02

Highly recommended. Very professional company with excellent service. Erik communicates fast and is very pleasant. Most important: I love my Van Gogh painting. Thank you guys!

Michael van den Heuvel 10-06-2021 at 10:34:15

The painting looks even better than on the website. I am realy amazed by the quality. Van Gogh Studio have really studied Van Gogh’s brushstrokes really well.

Grégory 27-05-2021 at 21:08:28

Hi Eric,
I just got the painting and it's absolutely brilliant.
Kind regards,

Chris van Vree 20-04-2021 at 11:13:15

Encampment of Gypsies with Caravans is Vincent van Gogh and Django Reinhardt combined in one painting! My two heroes represented in a painting on my own wall, I'm so excited. Next goal is to see the original in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Thank you so much guys.

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