Mike G. 30-09-2020 at 17:46:14

My wife may be the biggest Van Gogh fan ever. She was very happy with the gift voucher and will soon order her Van Gogh replica in your webshop. Thank you.

Jordite M. 30-09-2020 at 12:56:47

Very good replica. Talented work, obviously done with a lot of care and dedication. I like the colors, especially the dark tones that look very similar to the original. I will be ordering more.

Debrah Griffinder 15-09-2020 at 17:53:51

Being an art aficionado without the millions for an original work, this is as close to art heaven as I can get. A reproduction that looks like an original without costing the price of one...you can understand just how happy I was to receive this today.

Thank you Erik. Because of you, I now own a Van Gogh and because it is such excellent work, I can proudly display it for everyone to see. Money’s worth but more than that, a dream come true.

Micela Covan 14-09-2020 at 11:26:19

Finally a good online painting service. Appreciate the hard work you put in to reproduce my oil painting. Achieving 100% likeness is very difficult but you have done your best and I am happy with the finished work. Looks great in my living room.

Kelly Pose 11-09-2020 at 12:09:11

A new paint job at home required a more elegant décor idea. It’s when somebody suggested reproduction paintings to me. The other customer reviews were great and I am adding to it. Painting par excellence! Absolutely brilliant rendition of Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer’

Olivar H. 09-09-2020 at 11:56:54

VanGoghStudio is my genie in a bottle. This is my 3th reproduction order with them and seems anything I ask, they deliver. No artist and no style seems too difficult for them to paint. I am truly loving the quality of their work. Keep it up team. Thank you, Olivar from Denmark (Night Watch by Rembrandt)

Sarah Nielson 03-09-2020 at 12:46:16

I did a lot of mulling over before ordering an oil painting from an online art provider. I read the reviews and decided to go ahead. So relieved and happy with VanGoghStudio right now. They have done wonders with the reproduction. The artist is obviously very talented and skillful. The customer care was also very nice to talk to. Erik patiently answered all my questions and helped soothe my worries about ordering online. Thanks so much.

William M. 15-08-2020 at 10:20:51

Definitely my best best online purchase ever. Thank you so much, also for your outstanding customer service. Big compliments to the artist. All the best, William

Richie F. 10-08-2020 at 23:27:33

Can't believe I got this amazing painting in such outstanding quality. Highly recommended to order from the Van Gogh Studios. Richie, LA (The Night Watch)

Carla R. 10-08-2020 at 23:23:00

I am so happy with my Vermeer. This was definitely my favorite in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Thank you Van Gogh Studio.

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