Sunset, Wheat Fields near Arles Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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Showing the beautiful hues of multi-coloured wheat fields during sunset, this is probably one of the most vibrant paintings done by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Sunset: Wheat fields near Arles replica on canvas

After studying Van Gogh’s each and every complicated technique for years, our painters mainly from Holland have perfected the skill, and they can provide the most original-looking reproduction of Sunset: Wheat fields near Arles. Their motive is not to copy the painting, but to encapsulate its soul.

In the rarest of the case, if you are not satisfied with the painting, then with our 100% money back guarantee you can be assured that you will be given a full refund.

Painted by Vincent Van Gogh

In one of the letters to his brother Theo, Van Gogh wrote that he wanted to capture the glaring summer sun against the golden wheat fields of Arles.

Since Van Gogh made this painting during the height of mistral winds, it was very difficult for him to keep the canvas stationary. So, he decided to first drive the easel into the ground and then secure it with a rope.

This is only one of the many paintings of the Wheat field’s series that Van Gogh made after his move to the South of France.

The restless wheat

The restless and moving wheat fields have been depicted by Van Gogh through rapid and short brushstrokes, and they provide a perfect contrast to the dark, still and idyllic town in the background.

The still town

As the unrest in Arles was increasing during that time, painting the town dark was Van Gogh’s way of expressing that.

While Arles was primarily an agricultural town, industries were slowly coming up in the late 1880s, and that can clearly be seen with the chimneys in the painting.

And then there is the faintly haunting and mysterious sun which stands tall and proud in the background, overlooking the whole city.

Sunset: Wheat fields near Arles at Kunstmuseum Winterthur.

This amazing painting is placed at Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Switzerland for the public to view.

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