The Langlois Bridge at Arles in Wallraf-Richartz Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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This painting is a melancholic throwback to a time long past—when simple pleasures could be had, sitting by the river bank enjoying the company of friends and family, creating memories for a lifetime.

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The Langlois Bridge At Arles Replica on Canvas

Our artists have studied advanced techniques that Van Gogh has incorporated into his original work. Our aim is to spread and celebrate one of Holland’s most famous artists, and to ensure that his legacy lives on for many more years.

A Reminder Of Home

When painting this piece, Van Gogh often thought about his homeland. Sitting along the canal, Van Gogh paid close attention to the drawbridge, and carefully crafted the image onto the canvas.

During the time he was painting this, Van Gogh asked his brother not to go out of his way to fund him. The relationship that the brothers had was close, and Van Gogh treasured it, such that he was willing to part with his artwork to make ends meet.

A Time For Introspection And Exploration

While working on this painting, Van Gogh thought about how he missed his homeland of Holland. To him, it was something of a way to cope with the distance from his home.

When he completed one in this series, he asked his brother to hang in a frame of gold and blue and sell it to an art dealer, so that they could find a way to get some money out of it.

A Work Of Reflection And Colours

Through this painting, Van Gogh shows us various methods to bring the reflection of shapes across the water, and the way light can dance across the surface.

His focus was to ensure that all the shapes on the water were represented accurately so that they don’t look out of place, and thereby produce a pleasing effect to the viewer.

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The Langlois bridge with a lady with a parasol Van Gogh reproduction

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