Learning from Vincent

Over the past 25 years we have trained many artists to paint in the style of Vincent van Gogh. It perfected their painting technique in general and it helped them to pay for their cost of living so they could focus on becoming a professional artist.

Van Gogh Studio master painters

Some of these artists now have (very) successful careers in their own original art. They exhibit worldwide in galleries and even in museums. They all identified with Van Gogh’s mindset: 'I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.’ and became our master painters.

Rare antique frames

When we find an antique frame on an auction of exceptional quality, a typical rare museum piece, we ask our master painters to show their Van Gogh skills once more and create a museum worthy painting. Of course nothing beats an original Van Gogh on your wall, but this may be your best alternative.

Museum Quality Van Goghs in stock

You can view our premium collecection framed reproductions in stock here. They will be very carefully packed and ship worldwide by DHL (included in the price). If you fall in love with one of these paintings, don’t hesitate to order; their frames can not be replicated.
Van Gogh Studio master painters Premium collection in stock.