Bulb Fields Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

Also known as Flower Beds in Holland, Bulb Fields is an oil painting that was created by Vincent Van Gogh...




Seascape at Scheveningen Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

Painted in Scheveningen, this painting by Van Gogh depicts a seaside with a raging sky and storm underway.




Still Life with Yellow Straw Hat Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

A time before he moved on to paint some of his best known works, Van Gogh tried working with still objects...


Vincent Van Gogh Paintings Made In The Hague (1881-1883)

Vincent Van Gogh’s stay in The Hague was notably the time where he began to develop as an artist. This was when he had not yet started with oil based paints, since they were expensive. He then believed he didn’t have the skill to work with them. Due to a quarrel, he did not have the luxury of depending on his family for work or stay. Nevertheless, he continued to work, and produced some paintings such as “Bulb Fields”. Later on, his uncle commissioned him to draw 20 ink drawings of the city, which he completed. The experience he gained in The Hague would undoubtedly shape him as an artist forever.

Vincent Van Gogh Replica Oil Paintings For Sale

Shortly after moving to The Hague, Van Gogh quickly involved himself in his work, such that his cousin-in-law, Anton Mauve, set him up with a studio and started teaching him to paint with watercolours and oil paints. Shortly after, they had a falling out, but Van Gogh pressed on with his work.

Some of the most notable pieces that he painted during this time are“Bulb fields” and “Still Life With Yellow Straw Hat”. Still life subjects gave him the experience he needed to work on shading and colour mixing techniques. This was also the time where he learnt to paint with Impressionist techniques, a skill which he would continuously perfect later on in life. By November 1882, he learned to paint portraits and started character studies, which added another facet to his skills.

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