Briggit Parilli contributed to our instagram account @amazingstarrynights with her amazing wedding proposal photo in front of Van Gogh's Starry Night in the MOMA in New York. We asked her these questions:

What does Starry Night mean to you?

Briggit: Starry night is like a dream. To me it means “dreams and hope”, but the darkness on it, the blue shades the grey, dark greens, life can be blue and dark sometimes, but then you look up and you see the stars.

When I think about starry night, I think about the beauty in life, I can see it, Van Gogh was struggling with a lot of darkness in his life but you see this yellow stars, the lights on inside the houses in the little village, beautiful, bright, right there screaming out of the painting, that’s hope to me, hope that doesn’t matter how dark, grey, black and blue life seems sometimes there’s always yellow in your painting, there always will be light at the end. Life itself is a starry night.

Which other Van Gogh paintings do you admire?

Briggit: I love all his work, he’s unreal. That's what impressionist does right? I mean thinking about how someone did that, he painted this extraordinary night sky unlike any other in the world, a kaleidoscope. You have to be someone extraordinary to see the world through extraordinary eyes.

I love “The Bedroom”, 1889. I know he has made a lot of other extraordinary paintings but I can feel his loneliness in this panting, that kind of makes me sad, but again do you see the bring colors on the painting? That’s him again giving us that extraordinary hint, that refreshing little hope for our souls.

And definitely his Sunflowers, they make me so happy, I love yellow color and that’s him bringing us how much he loved yellow, his desired for yellow in his life. He painted his own sunflowers, and there’s nothing more happy than a sunflower.

How was it to see the real Starry Night?

Briggit: The painting makes me dream, There’s a quote from Van Gogh that I love and it’s my favorite one in the world, “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” And that’s what he left us, that’s his legacy, he makes us dream every time we look at Starry Night and I can’t believe my boyfriend proposed me in front of starry night, it’s still unreal he did it in front of my favorite painter and my favorite one so it’s like a lot of emotions for that painting.

I already loved it before that happened, but now I’m going to love it even more. It’s just unreal, I wish there could be more chance to have that intimate time with the painting, cause there’s a lot of people wanting to dream too for 30 seconds so you have to be patient to have your time with this piece of life and history, so it’s amazing, goosebumps all over, he painted something unlike any other the world has ever seen with ordinary eyes, only visible in Vincent’s head.
What does Starry Night mean to Briggit ParilliBriggit's amazing wedding proposal.

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