Café Terrace at Night Oil Painting Reproduction, 1888 5 3
Café Terrace at Night Oil Painting Reproduction, 1888
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The Café Terrace at Night is a painting of tenderness and warmth depicting a scene of everyday humanity in the small town of Arles at night.

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Café Terrace at Night Replica on Canvas to own

Van Gogh Studio is based in Amsterdam, nearby the Van Gogh Museum where we continue to study the original works. Our paintings are all hand painted mainly here in Holland by Dutch and world artists who have studied the technique of Van Gogh, including brush strokes, colour mixing, ambience and rhythm of application.

If you are in town be sure to make an appointment to come to our showroom and view our reproductions. Instead of focusing on a range of old masters at Van Gogh Studio we are specialized in creating only Van Gogh works, which means we are also able to recreate his lesser known works and painting studies.

Cafe Terrace au Place du Forum: Deceptively Simple

Café Terrace at Night (also known as Café Terrace au Place du Forum) depicts an everyday scene of a café terrace, bathed in warm, yellow gas-light. The work on first glance can seem simplistic, but the image and the mood often stay with the viewer.

On repeated viewings the more complex aspects of the work show themselves. The colour is remarkable, the way Van Gogh is able to balance opposing colours so close together, blues and yellow for example, that give the painting an intensity but also manages to remain warm and soothing. His beautiful renditions of the locals too give the painting a humanity but do not take away from its overall scenic composition.

Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night

Van Gogh was in a stage of painting through the night and sleeping in the day as he created this everlasting work. The café in question was called Café Le Soir and Van Gogh would study the place and people for hours. He eventually set up his easel and began to put this image to canvas, allowing his imagination to run with the scene in front of him.

Van Gogh especially enjoyed painting the people, in a letter to his brother Theo he remarks: ‘On the terrace there are small figures of drinkers. Painting there at night amuses me greatly.’

Current value of Café Terrace at Night

It is impossible to give the work an accurate price tag today, though it would be said to easily be worth over $100 million if it was ever sold.

Kröller-Müller Museum

The Cafe Terrace au Place du Forum, can be visited at Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, The Netherlands.

A Happy Customer:
"Hi Erik,

Look how beautiful is the apartment with your painting!!

Thank you very much!!"
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Gustavo Haeming Gerent -

Good morning Erick,

I received my painting Saturday. It`s very beautiful! You did a great job! I'm very happy seeing it every day!

When I put it on the wall,I´ll send you a picture. Thank you very much!


Dennis Sims -

Exceptionally happy thanks for everything

Robyn Harris -

Received the paintings yesterday. Just fabulous! Thank you, off to the framers today.
An early Christmas present for myself.

(Cafe Terrace and the Starry night over the Rhone)

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