Like Van Gogh

Only a handful of individuals worldwide can paint exactly like Vincent van Gogh. And there is just a select group of people that know nearly everything about Van Gogh’s life. Cees van Loon is one of the very few people in the world that belongs to both groups. It was a priceless experience to meet this artist and talk about Van Gogh. We take immense pleasure in presenting a limited selection of his recreated Van Gogh masterpieces.

The next generation

In 1989 Cees painted 25 replicas of Van Gogh’s paintings with amazing resemblance to the originals. Most of them were sold immediately, but Cees decided to keep some of them so he could enjoy the soul of Van Gogh everyday without visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Now in 2023 it’s time for the paintings to move to the next generation. Just like with an original Van Gogh painting; can you actually own one? They may survive for centuries and perhaps you just have the honor to keep an eye on them of a while.

Fake or original?

Cees van Loon's rare combination of knowledge about Van Gogh's life and painting technique has made him an expert on deciding wether a Van Gogh painting is a genuine original or a fake one. Painted with a brush with a flat tip? Can’t be real! Van Gogh used brushes with rounded tips. The Van Gogh Museum declaring that one of the sunflowers was added at a later stage? Nonsense! The flower was painted wet on wet so it must have been painted at the same time. You can't fool Cees.

Van Gogh’s emotions

No wonder Van Gogh reproductions painted by Cees show detail, color and the brushstrokes like the originals. Van Gogh wanted to evoke emotions with his paintings. And it’s just that what Cees’ replicas do. Applied knowledge is power. The power to make you feel close to Van Gogh.

Even in case you are one of the lucky ones to own an original Van Gogh, the Van Gogh paintings in the museums are not for sale and will never be. Expanding your collection with a replica by Cees van Loon may be your best alternative.

Cees van Loon van Gogh replicas in stock

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Cees van Loon master painter Van Gogh reproduction
Master painter Cees van Loon and Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Cees van Loon The Sower reproduction Van Gogh
The Sower, Van Gogh replica by Cees van Loon