Sunset, Wheat Fields near Arles Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

Showing the beautiful hues of multi-coloured wheat fields during sunset, this is probably one of the most...


Vincent Van Gogh Paintings at Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Kunstmuseum Winterthur is an art museum in Winterthur, Switzerland. It is run by the local art association which was founded in 1848, and to which the art collection belongs. They often expand their already impressive collection, and they specialize in contemporary art, especially Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. In their permanent collection is Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles by Van Gogh, which comes from his famous Wheat Field series. A large part of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur collection has been donated by private collectors, and the local art association. In 2013 they proudly celebrated their 100th year anniversary.

Vincent van Gogh replica oil paintings for sale

If you want to own a Van Gogh, you can opt for an oil reproduction which will completely brighten up your house, and be a constant reminder of Van Gogh’s life and legacy. He is truly one of the greatest and most passionate artists to have every lifted the brush.

In 1888 Van Gogh worked hard on a series of ten ‘Harvest’ paintings. This allowed him to experiment with colour and technique. In a letter to Theo he wrote about Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles: "A summer sun... town purple, celestial body yellow, sky green-blue. The wheat has all the hues of old gold, copper, green-gold or red-gold, yellow gold, yellow bronze, red-green."

These paintings were also famous for having been painted during the strongest mistral winds. So to combat them Van Gogh would dig his easel into the ground and tie the canvas to the easel with rope.

Van Gogh Studio

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