View of Amsterdam from Central Station Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

View of Amsterdam from Central Station is a painting that Van Gogh created during his short visit to...



Wheat Field Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

Van Gogh’s religious beliefs, his connection with Mother Nature, his appreciation of manual laborers & his...


Vincent van Gogh paintings at the P. and N. de Boer Foundation

Piet de Boer was an art dealer from Amsterdam who built an amazing collection of art pieces and paintings during his lifetime. In 1964, all of this collection was then transferred to the P. and N. de Boer Foundation and two of the paintings in the collection were Wheatfield and View of Amsterdam from Central Station by Vincent Van Gogh. While the P stands for Piet, the N in the name refers to Piet’s late wife, Nelly. The entire collection includes 400 drawings and 80 paintings.

Vincent van Gogh replica oil paintings for sale

While the originals are present in Amsterdam where the public can view them, you can buy your own Van Gogh replica oil painting and place it in your house. Wheatfield is one of the most famous series of paintings done by Vincent Van Gogh. Since he had so many failed relationships in his life, he turned towards nature and decided to cultivate that relationship.

A big part of the Wheatfield series was painted in Arles. The Wheatfield painting present at the P. and N. de Boer was done in June of 1888, just a year before Van Gogh’s death. While the foreground depicts the vast wheat fields, the background showcases houses around the farm.

The painting View of Amsterdam from Central Station was done by Van Gogh when he was still learning to become a painter and he decided visit Amsterdam for a day to check out paintings by Rembrandt and other artists. When he went to the station to catch a train, he realized he had arrived early, so he made the best of it by painting a view from the station.

Van Gogh Studio

Just a few minutes away from the Van Gogh Museum is the amazing Van Gogh Studio which makes it possible for everyone around the world to own a Van Gogh painting and place it wherever they want.

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