Road with Cypress and Star Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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Road with Cypress and Star, painted in 1890, was the last painting of Van Gogh in the asylum at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, after which he shifted to Auvers.

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"Just splendid! The brushstrokes are amazing. My wife loved her birthday present. We're gonna hang it in the livingroom. - Jorg"

Road with Cypress and Star Oil Replica on Canvas

Road with Cypress and Star is a painting which clearly shows Van Gogh’s love for nature. Short, swirling brush strokes, highly contrasting colors and a looming cypress tree- all these details are perfectly captured in our rendition of this iconic painting.

Our artists studied Van Gogh, his thought processes, his technique and flair, in great detail before starting out the replication.

Road with Cypress and Star Explained by Van Gogh

The painting is also known as “Country Road in Provence by Night”. Van Gogh painted Road with Cypress and Star in Provence, his last before he left the asylum he was in.

He was very fascinated by Cypress trees and wanted to use them in his art. He thought them beautiful with regard to lines and proportions, like an Egyptian obelisk. He also thought the green had a distinguished quality. The painting is divided in half by a Cypress tree that is so tall, it extends out of the painting.

Van Gogh, described the painting as follows: “A night sky with a moon without radiance, the slender crescent barely emerging from the opaque shadow cast by the earth. One star with an exaggerated brilliance, if you like, a soft brilliance of pink and green in the ultramarine sky, across which some clouds are hurrying.
Below, a road bordered with tall yellow canes, behind these the blue Basses Alpes, an old inn with yellow lighted windows, and a very tall cypress, very straight, very sombre. On the road, a yellow cart with a white horse in harness, and two late wayfarers. Very romantic, if you like, but also Provence, I think.”

About the Painting

An analysis of Road with Cypress and Star, points towards a number of “typically-Van Gogh” sentiments. Experts say that through this painting, Van Gogh was trying to share his feelings that his death was imminent.

Set during twilight, with the luminescent star on one side of the Cypress (the obelisk of death) and the newly formed, not very bright moon on the other side, Van Gogh was trying to lay emphasis on his belief in rebirth and renewal. It was all about his notion of eternity and life after death.

The wandering wayfarers and the horse drawn carriage following in pursuit, as per experts, indicate Van Gogh’s longing for companionship and love.

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Road with cypress detail

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Sarah Mcgillycuddy - 04-01-2019 15:45

I ordered the painting as a gift for my sister. Van Gogh is her favorite artist - actually her idol - and this is one of her favorite paintings. When she saw it, she was about to faint.

The detail and quality of this reproduction are excellent, even to a pair of trained eyes like hers. I will be sending a picture of the painting - most probably with my very happy sister next to it :) - as soon as we get it framed.

Thank you. Sarah Mcgillycuddy / Detroit / US

Jorg Henckes - 28-08-2018 19:03

Just splendid! The brushstrokes are amazing. My wife loved her birthday present. We're gonna hang it in the livingroom.