Van Gogh’s paintings often have peculiar sizes in cm, inches or feet. During Vincent’s painting career (1880-1890) French standard sizes were used by most art material suppliers and artists.

In a letter that Vincent wrote from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence to his brother Theo on Tuesday, 26 November 1889:

"I’ve been messing about in the groves morning and evening on these bright and cold days, but in very beautiful, clear sunshine, and the result is 5 no. 30 canvases."

Van Gogh often used these canvas size for his paintings:

Canvas from Paris

When Vincent lived in the South of France, he wrote his brother Theo to buy canvas from Pére Tanguy and send it by train.

In a letter from Auvers-sur-Oise, on or about Wednesday, 21 May 1890 to Theo van Gogh and Jo van Gogh-Bonger:

"If, towards the end of the week, you could send me some money, what I have will keep me going until then but I don’t have enough for any longer. I’d also ask you for 10 metres of canvas if that wouldn’t inconvenience you."

Road with Cypress and Star

A customer has recently asked us to paint a replica of his favorite Van Gogh: Road with Cypress and Star. He wanted it to fit a 36 x 24 inch frame though. The original painting in the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, The Netherlands measures 36.2 x 28.7 inch (92 x 73 cm) which is clearly a size 30 canvas Van Gogh used here.

So not only the size was different, but also the proportions. Hoping that Van Gogh would appreciate a little improvisation in his style we made another Van Gogh fan very happy. Do you see what we did?

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Pink peach Tree in canvas size 20
Pink Peach Tree in canvas size 20

Improvised Road with Cypress and Star
Our improvised replica of Van Gogh's Road with Cypress and Star
      04-09-2020 11:19     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Emil -  14-09-2020

Very interesting information about van Gogh! Many details I did not know. It really helps to better understand van Gogh’s life and artwork. Thank you for posting all these messages. I cannot yet decide which painting I will order from you but you will hear from me again soon.