study for the potato eaters Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
study for the potato eaters Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
Study for 'The Potato Eaters' Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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Considering the study of peasants and their daily lives to have a religious significance, Van Gogh proceeded to make numerous paintings on this topic, where he drew peasants in a varied manner.

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Study For The Potato Eaters replica in oil on canvas

Van Gogh Studio is located in Amsterdam, near the Van Gogh museum where we can study the original works. Our paintings are all painted in oil on canvas by mainly Dutch artists who have studied Van Gogh's technique, including brushstrokes, color mixing, atmosphere and the rhythm of painting.

Studying The Peasants

During the 1840s, a style known as the “peasant genre” arose where famous artists like Francois Millet, Jules Breton, and others depicted the daily lives of the peasants. Van Gogh became deeply influenced by this, convinced that he had to contribute to this growing movement.

After he moved to Nuenen, he began studying and drawing peasants in detail, where he also painted the toils of Sien, the escort that he lived with. Although his family objected heavily to this, he continued to do so.

The Study of the Potato Eaters was a small series that depicted the daily lives and hardships of the peasant class. Van Gogh deliberately chose the ugliest models, so that he could depict the peasants as they were, and thinking that they would translate well onto the canvas.

A Time Of Hardship

For Van Gogh, this was a time of learning, but also a time of hardship, since he chose to live with Sien and her daughter. This was something that his family heavily objected to.

But for Van Gogh, this was something necessary, since he felt that he needed to observe them at their purest, so that they could be translated well when painted. The Potato Eaters series signifies the daily toils of the lower class, who worked every day so that they could get their daily bread.

This signified a clear and distinct difference between the higher class, who did not have the same difficulties and could live, free as they wished.

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