Vincent's bedroom in Arles, Art institute of Chicago, Van Gogh Reproduction, 1889
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One of the few sketches of his bedroom at Arles, Van Gogh resigned himself to using only simple shapes for this painting, letting the colours take care of the expression.

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The Bedroom Replica On Canvas

We take great pride in recreating the works of Van Gogh, one of Holland’s most revered artists. All of our artists have thoroughly studied all of his techniques, such as colour mixing, impasto, brush strokes, ambience, and rhythm of application.

A Bond Between Brothers

When Van Gogh was working on this piece in 1889, he wanted the painting to focus itself on bringing a different dimension of colour to the forefront. He purposely chose to simplify the shapes as much as possible so that the colours that were in the painting would do the actual work. It was his aim to let the colours evoke emotions in the viewer.

For that reason, he also left out shadows for the objects in the painting. Throughout his work, Van Gogh kept a constant correspondence with his younger brother, Theo, who was very supportive of his career, even though it did not make much money.

For The Love Of Family

When he finished the painting in April 1889, Van Gogh regretted sending it to his brother, since it had been damaged in the flood of the Rhone. Theo, in turn, returned the painting so that he could reline it.

After Van Gogh finished the second repetition, he sent both pieces back to Theo in September 1889.

Working With Colours

Since Van Gogh insisted on working with colours as much as possible, he decided that he would not even use white in the painting. Instead, he wanted the frame of the painting to be white, so that it would complement the whole scene.

The Bedroom At The Art Institute Of Chicago

The Bedroom currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago as a part of the Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection, where it is open for visitors.

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Van Gogh's Bedroom Chicago reproduction

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Marc van Weggen - 15-04-2021 11:42

It is beautiful! I saw the original in Chicago and I can say it's like haveing a real Van Gogh in my bedroom now.