Portrait of an Old Man with Beard Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

Painted before his shift into bright colours, this painting is reminiscent of the time Van Gogh worked with...



Skull with Burning Cigarette Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas

This painting of a skull with a burning cigarette is one of the early works created by Van Gogh when he was...



Vincent Van Gogh Paintings Made In Antwerp (1885-1886)

After a brief stay in Nuenen, Van Gogh moved to Antwerp, where he continued his work. This was during the time when he was studying character models, and discovering new techniques to paint. It is to be noted that his work from this time was not the colourful and vibrant work that is usually associated with his name, but a darker and more sombre tone, a time before he learned to work with vivid colours. One of the most notable works during this time of his life was “The Skull With a burning Cigarette”, which was a result of the stress he faced while studying at art school.

Vincent Van Gogh Replica Oil Paintings For Sale

In 1885, Van Gogh moved to Antwerp, where he wished to continue painting. During this period, he was struck by poverty, and could barely afford to eat. He spent most of the money that he had on painting supplies. Whatever remained, he spent on alcohol and tobacco, which worsened his mental and physical health.

After painting a number of dark and sombre paintings such as “The Skull With A Burning Cigarette” and “Portrait Of An Old Man With A Beard”, Van Gogh followed them up with other works after being told by his brother Theo that his paintings were too dark to sell, and that they needed impressionism, he devoted himself to studying colour theory. Here, he learned to work with brighter colours such as cobalt blue, emerald green, and carmine. After this period, he went on to make some of his more famous works.

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