Ertan Atay contributed to our instagram account @amazingstarrynights with a few amazing Starry Night edits. His smoking skull is a big instagram hit. We asked him these questions:

What does Starry Night mean to you?

Ertan: "Starry Night" is a very special painting. My favorite art movements are Pop art, Surrealism and Impressionism. The reason I love impressionism is that it is one of the most successful art movement in reflecting emotions to the painting. When you look at "Starry Night", you don't just see a painting. It makes you live that night again and feel the blowing wind on your face. The dance of yellow and blue adds both hope and sadness to you.

Which other Van Gogh paintings do you admire?

Ertan: Actually, I admire Van Gogh more than his paintings. A difficult life and the ability to express these emotions in paintings. I love his style and all his paintings. Apart from "Starry Night", I can say 5 other favorite paintings "At Eternity's Gate", "Wheatfield with Crows", "The Starry Night over the Rhone", "Café Terrace at Night" and "The Bedroom at Arles".

How was it to create your Amazing Starry Night?

Ertan: I used "Starry Night" so much in my many different works that it is always very special for me. Whenever I do a study where emotions are at the forefront, I'd definitely quote from Starry Night.

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