Blossoming Almond Tree Oil Painting Reproduction, 1890 5 3
Blossoming Almond Tree Oil Painting Reproduction, 1890
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The white blossoms of a tree in the throes of spring, surrounded by a deep and endless blue sky. The painting is a beautiful combination of Impressionism and the deep spiritual nature of Japanese art.

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Blossoming Almond Tree Replica on Canvas

We pride ourselves on creating the most authentic reproduction by Holland’s most revered artist, and continuing to preserve the country’s rich culture. Your own Van Gogh painting will look and feel like the original. Our paintings are all hand painted mainly here in Holland by Dutch and world artists who have studied the technique of Van Gogh, including brush strokes, colour mixing, ambience and rhythm of application. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Painted for Vincent Van Gogh

The work was painted for Van Gogh’s newly born nephew, and namesake, Vincent Van Gogh. His brother Theo deciding to name his son after Van Gogh shows again how deeply his love and respect ran. Not only was he Van Gogh’s financial supporter for most of the artists life, he also was the one that kept encouraging him even when Van Gogh himself was losing belief he would ever be able to make any money from his work. Van Gogh was very moved by his brothers choice and proud that he may share his name with another.

Springtime and Awakening

Van Gogh was attracted to spring, and the blossoming of plants and flowers. He believed this to be a truly special time, it represented awakening and hope, something Van Gogh too held onto in his life, often wanting to grow and develop into a more spiritually enlightened man. It is no surprise that with the birth of his nephew he turned to this imagery.

An Entrancing Work

Inspired by Japanese woodcut art Van Gogh created this beautiful work, one that still manages to entrance the viewer with a deep and mysterious beauty. The blue sky in the background itself becomes abstract in its expansiveness by giving no clear perspective on the surroundings. Instead the painting becomes symbolic and the viewer, if not careful, can be lost in it for hours.

Current value of Blossoming Almond Tree

It is impossible to give the work an accurate price tag today, though it would be said to easily be worth over $100 million if it was ever sold.

Blossoming Almond Tree in the Van Gogh Museum

The Blossoming Almond Tree can be visited at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  Framed blossoming Almond Tree
  Framed blossoming Almond Tree

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Sofia & Christopher -

Thanks to Erik and his team, the painting is great. Erik provides a perfect service and the delivery has worked excellently.
Greetings from Frankfurt
Sofia & Christopher

Anita -

The painting is really beautiful! Thanks Erik van der Velde for your help and pleasant mailcontact. We are looking forward to the moment we can hang our painting in our livingroom :-)

Nereis Moodley -

Absolutely beautiful! I can't take my eyes off this gorgeous painting. Also very impressed with the customer service received from Mr. Erik van der Velde. Keep up the wonderful work you all do!

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