Cypresses Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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‘Cypresses’ is a beautiful painting of the Cypress Trees that Van Gogh made in June 1889. The dark tones of these tall and beautiful trees look stunning against the backdrop of blue sky and hills.

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"I like this painting and I was very impressed with the work done by the artist who made the copy. It is beautiful and I love it! Thank you. - Etienne"

Cypresses Replica on Canvas

The uniqueness of Van Gogh’s works has inspired us to create reproductions of all his paintings.

For this purpose we have picked a few of the best artists from Holland and other countries, who have studied everything about the artist thoroughly. They have tried their best to make the paintings as close as possible to the originals.

You are sure to leave your visitors in awe, when you put one of these masterpieces on your wall.

Van Gogh’s Fascination for Cypresses

Cypresses was painted by Van Gogh in June 1889, just about a month after he had arrived at the Saint Remy’s mental asylum. This was on one of those days when he was allowed to leave the vicinity of the asylum and paint in the open air.

He loved to go out in the groves of the cypress trees and paint them as they were. Cypresses always fascinated Van Gogh because they were tall and massive and of a dark tone that looked very interesting, especially against the sun-drenched landscape.

He made about fifteen canvases in the cypress series. He was fascinated by them when he was in Arles and the fascination continued even when he admitted himself into the Saint Remy Asylum.

While most saw Cypresses as an emblem of death, Van Gogh considered them absolutely beautiful. When he was in Arles the trees were featured in a distance in his canvasses; however you can see them in the foreground in the paintings that he made in Saint Remy.
In his letter to his brother Theo, he wrote: "Cypresses still preoccupy me; I should like to do something with them like my canvases of sunflowers. They are beautiful in line and proportion like an Egyptian obelisk."

About the Painting

The cool color dominance in the painting is very evident except for the dark cypress trees that take up almost 50% of the canvas space. Although the circular brush strokes in the blue and white sky catch your eye, your focus returns to the tall dark conical shape of the cypress trees.

The dark-blue mountains outlined in green and the light green bushes on the ground contrast well with the dark green of the cypresses. Overall, it is a treat to the eye.

Cypresses at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

If you wish to treat your eyes with the view of the original painting of Cypresses, you may have to travel all the way to New York and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art<

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Selcuk Babacan - 07-07-2020 14:36

It has a close resemblance to the original ‘Cypresses’. I cannot but thank the artist for following the original style and reproducing this picture. It was a difficult piece to copy but I’m very happy with the result.

Marcus L. - 22-11-2019 13:42

Why have I always liked the Cypresses so much? Maybe as it was one of the first of Van Gogh’s originals I ever saw? Van Gogh Studio thank you for replicating my favorite Van Gogh so closely! Thanks, Marcus

Marc Clarendon - 06-02-2019 11:07

Hi Erik,
Just a quick note to confirm receipt of my painting (Cypresses). It’s just flawless. I’ll place another order with you later this quarter. Thanks for all.
Marc Clarendon, Lyon

David Redd - 21-01-2019 15:04

Hey Erik,

My Cypresses arrived yesterday and started blowing minds already at the frame shop today. I gave your website link to 4 people in the 10 minutes I spent in the shop! Everyone says it’s almost undistinguishable from the original and they are so right!

Thank you for your passion for Van Gogh and commitment to delivering quality. I’ll come back later this year for my 3rd order. And I think you know which one it will be ☺

David Redd

Etienne - 23-07-2017 16:31

I like this painting and I was very impressed with the work done by the artist who made the copy. It is beautiful and I love it!

Thank you.