Four Cut Sunflowers Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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The Sunflower series remains, to this day, the most famous work of Van Gogh of all time. They represent the culmination of all the experience the master painter acquired through his lifetime.

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"I have received my painting and I am incredibly happy with it. The detail is amazing and I can't wait to buy my next one. I am thinking of the Irises. All the best Andre"

Four Cut Sunflowers Van Gogh reproduction On Canvas

Our aim is to recreate the works of Van Gogh, one of Holland’s most distinguished artists, with utmost accuracy. Our artists are thoroughly trained in all of his techniques, such as impasto, colour mixing, rhythm of application, and ambience.

Van Gogh’s Identity

Once Van Gogh moved to Paris, he decided that he needed to create a series of paintings that would identify him as an artist. He wanted something that identified him, like Quost was identified with his paintings of the Hollyhock flower. He finally decided on the sunflower, and proceeded to create a series of paintings during his time in Paris.

After a number of paintings, he moved to Arles and continued his series, where he changed his paintings from sunflowers laid bare, to ones that were in a vase. He used a variety of sunflowers depending on their quality, so that each would differ in how they were represented.

With A Passion For Nature

Van Gogh loved using the aspect of nature in his paintings. To him, it was a representation of the divine. When he painted, he tried to recreate nature in his own interpretation, so as to do justice to what he considered sacred.

The sunflowers were a part of his work that went deep into rich colours, instead of relying on shapes. For him, colour was a way to evoke emotions in the viewer, so he focused on imbuing his work with rich colour and vibrant tones that could bring about a unique reaction to his paintings.

Buy a hand-painted reproduction of Van Gogh's Four Cut Sunflowers

Adding splendor to your room requires a touch of the heavens, which can be gotten from a meticulously crafted oil painting. Get this heavenly painting in your home or office and you can be rest assured that it will leave an indelible mark on the soul of anyone that sees it.

Buying this exquisite painting will definitely beautify the look of your home as it has the power to capture someone’s mind with its power and beauty.

We are sure you will love your reproduced Van Gogh work, but if there is anything less than 100% satisfaction, we offer a full money back guarantee.

Four cut sunflowers

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Roberto M. - 20-05-2019 22:00

After I read about Van Gogh’s life he became an inspiration for me. It keeps me going for my goals. Vincent van Gogh deserved more appreciation in his life, but he must have enjoyed his road apart from feeling depressed. He was aware of his development creating something unique.

The Four Cut Sunflowers symbolise that he was on the right path. Not much later he was associated with the Sunflower after the sunflowers in the vase series. When I think of giving up, I look at my painting in my living room and go for my goals again.

Thank you from Italy - Roberto

Nick - 04-01-2019 15:43

Hey Erik,
You are a man of his word! My painting arrived today, just in time for my friend’s opening party. And it’s a piece of art! I’m heading to the framer shop today and I can’t wait to see her face when the day comes.

Expect a picture from us within a week or so ;)

Cheers man. Nick (Four Cut Sunflowers)

Andre Jewell - 27-07-2018 18:39

I have received my painting and I am incredibly happy with it. The detail is amazing and I can't wait to buy my next one. I am thinking of the Irises.