Head of a Woman Van Gogh reproduction
Head of a Woman Van Gogh reproduction
Head of a Woman Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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In 1884, Van Gogh moved to Nuenen, where his parents lived. At this time, he began working on a series of paintings and drawings of the poor, which he called “Peasant character studies”.

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Head Of A Woman Replica On Canvas

Our artists are highly trained in all of Van Gogh’s techniques, including brush strokes, rhythm of application, colour mixing, impasto, and ambience. Our hand-painted replicas will look and feel close to the original.

Studying The Poor

After he moved in with his parents in Nuenen, Van Gogh found inspiration and a direction to study. He found that the magazines of Charles Bargue were particularly inspirational to him, which taught him drawing and painting with models. After 1884, he started working with the lower class, such as weavers and their labours.

This also influenced him to work with landscapes. By 1885, he made his first major work, “The Potato Eaters”, which was something that he used dark tones with, both to symbolise the daily toils of the peasants, as well as the influence that he gained from studying the works of Charles Blanc

The Toils Of The Lower Class

To Van Gogh, studying and recreating the daily lives of the poor was something important, and directly in connection with the “Realism movement” of the 1840s done by Jules Breton and others.
The daily struggles that the lower class were going through was something that resonated deeply with Van Gogh, and he was eager to get it on canvas.

To him, these peasants had a voice of their own on canvas, something of a religious significance; he described them as “voices of the wheat”.

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Ready to hang: small Head of a Woman replica with vintage Italian frame.

Small Head of a Woman replica with vintage Italian frameSmall Head of a Woman replica with vintage Italian frame

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