Painting a replica in a smaller or larger size than the original is never a problem. You will find several size options when going through the order process. And anything in between in possibe too. Just let us know.

But you may also like to order a painting with different proportions. Just because:
  • It suits your wall better or
  • You want a unique painting.
In this blog we explained the option of painting extra trees and sky on the sides to make the 'Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun' more landscape shaped.

For Monet's Water Lilies we chose another option. This particular painting is easily adjustable in size by stretching the sides horizontally.

Order your favorite Van Gogh or other master in the right size.

For any Van Gogh or other Old Master, we like a challenge and create the painting that fits your frame, wall or interior.
How to order the right size paintingOur hand-painted replica of Monet's Water Lilies in stretched and original proportions.  

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