Self-Portrait with Straw Hat Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
Self-Portrait with Straw Hat Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
Self-Portrait with Straw Hat Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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A classic Van Gogh; one of the many self-portraits that he made while staying in Paris. This painting shows an evident influence of Neo-impressionism in Van Gogh’s art.

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Self-Portrait With Straw Hat replica in oil on canvas

Vincent Van Gogh’s self portraits were his attempt to improve himself as a painter. With each of the 30+ self portraits that Van Gogh made, you can see a marked difference in his approach to colours and strokes.

Van Gogh Studio is located in Amsterdam, near the Van Gogh museum where we can study the original works. Our paintings are all painted in oil on canvas by mainly Dutch artists who have studied Van Gogh's technique, including brushstrokes, color mixing, atmosphere and the rhythm of painting.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since Van Gogh wasn’t particularly wealthy, it was hard for him to find models for his art. To solve this problem, he invested in a good mirror and started using himself as his muse. Van Gogh made six different self-portraits where he is wearing a straw hat.

The painting shown here was painted by him in the summer of 1887 while he was staying with his brother Theo in Paris.

Deep Reflections

Out of all the other self-portraits that Van Gogh made in Paris, this particular piece is brighter and more vibrant than the others. This may be attributed to the fact that Van Gogh used to paint his reflection exactly how he saw it in the mirror.

In fact, since this was the painting of a reflection, what we see here is actually the left side of Van Gogh’s face and not the right. This painting also demonstrates Van Gogh’s understanding of Neo-impressionist painting and colour theory.

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