Vincents Chair with His Pipe Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
Vincents Chair with His Pipe Van Gogh reproduction oil painting reproductions
Vincent's Chair with His Pipe Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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The favorite chair of Vincent along has been captured in Van Gogh’s “Vincent’s Chair With his Pipe”. The 3 dimensional approach adapted in this still-life painting makes it look absolutely real.

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Vincent’s Chair With his Pipe Replica on canvas

We carefully studied the technique and touches of Vincent Van Gogh in the reproduction of his painting “Vincent’s Chair with his pipe”.

We have gathered the best artists to hand-paint the masterpieces that you can see on our website.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration behind the painting “Vincent’s Chair with his pipe” lies in a story that Van Gogh had read about Charles Dickens, the English Novelist. As per his revelations to his brother, the illustrator Luke Fildes made a drawing showing the workroom of Dickens with an empty chair, after the death of the novelist.

As per Van Gogh this symbolized the loss of the great soul. Through this painting, Van Gogh probably created a memory that would always talk about his loss to his fans and followers.

Simple and Warm

Vincent Van Gogh has always been famous for painting people. However, his financial situation prevented him from hiring models to paint. In this painting he has depicted his yellow chair in his room in a carefree way, using his standard techniques of outlining, heavy texture and using complementary colors.

The wooden chair which he has painted on the center of his canvas has been turned slightly outward in order to depict its rustic beauty. The brick-red tile flooring and the sea-green wall enhance this effect.

The only thing other than the chair and his pipe with tobacco on its straw seat you will see is a yellow box that contains a few sprouted onions. The box bears his signature.

Yellow – The Signature Color

The predominant hue in this painting is the yellow color, which became the signature color of Van Gogh. This picture was painted during the period when Van Gogh was working with his friend Gauguin in Arles.

In comparison to the elegant things he had used in the painting he made for Gauguin, Van Gogh’s chair seems very simple. He has only used one of the 12 simple chairs that he bought while he was furnishing his yellow house.

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