It was Paul Cezanne who inspired Picasso in his early years to develop his style towards abstract art. Picasso would call him “the father of us all”. But it was Vincent van Gogh whom Picasso considered to be his main inspiration at a later stage of his career.

Today 140 years ago, on 25 oktober 1881,

Pablo Picasso was born.

Picasso's biographer, John Richardson, has written that Van Gogh meant more to Picasso than any other artist in his later years. He even got a copy of the newspaper report of Van Gogh's ear-mutilation episode so he could frame it.

Self portrait with bandaged ear
Arles, 1889
Oil on canvas
51 × 45 cm
Private collection Stavros Niarcos, on loan at Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland

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      25-10-2021 13:18     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 King David -  18-04-2024

In his early years the man the brains and strength of van Gogh inspire the many abstract art world of Picasso but insanity has its place sometimes repeating things over and over and sometimes getting the same results and on the other hand never getting the same results looks like that spells contempt