Meghana Gvr from India contributed to our instagram account @amazingstarrynights with her amazing Starry Night illustration. We asked her these questions:

What does Starry Night mean to you?

Meghana: It means the 'perfect lucid dream' to me. It's amazing how the entire painting has this never before achieved balance and harmony of warm and cool tones that is captivating and an inspirational buffer to any creative in various fields.

You are lost in his world; wonder about his state of mind; Love how you can end up looking at it for hours and yet each element, be it the dark Cypress or the brightest Venus puts you in a deep thought and makes you crave to understand Van Gogh for the person he is just a little bit more masterpieces. In these works, I see a combination of love and madness in painting.

Which other Van Gogh paintings do you admire?

Meghana: I absolutely adore his self-portraits especially his last one. It's interesting how such muted colors are used to pack in the depth and character that the painting offers. 'Country Road in Provence by Night' fascinates me just as much. Well, what's not to love about any of his works?

How was it to create your Amazing Starry Night?

Meghana: This literally is the first project I took up to learn digital illustration.You know that you can never get fatigued by it! Learnt about the letters to his brother Theo and they just melt my heart:)
Meghana's illustration

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