Wheat Field with Cypresses Oil Painting Reproduction, 1889 5 2
Wheat Field with Cypresses Oil Painting Reproduction, 1889
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There is a rugged beauty to this Van Gogh landscape. The cloudy sky swirls, and Van Gogh captures the chaos and harmonies of the cypress trees, olive trees and ears of wheat.

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Wheat Field with Cypresses Replica on Canvas

Our paintings are all hand painted here in Holland by Dutch and world artists who have studied the technique of Van Gogh, including brush strokes, colour mixing, ambience and rhythm of application. If you are in Amsterdam be sure to make an appointment to come to our showroom and view our reproductions. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Van Gogh’s Attraction to Cypress Trees

Van Gogh often painted cypress trees in his works. He found them mysterious to look at, even alluring. He pondered on how to paint them for sometime, and how to best capture their dark beauty. In his letter to Theo he wrote: ‘I am still preoccupied with cypresses. I’d like to do something like the Sunflower paintings with them because I am amazed that no one has yet done them the way I see them. They have a beautiful line, beautiful proportions, like an Egyptian obelisk. And the green has such a distinguished quality.’

The View From The Asylum

This painting was one of many done while Van Gogh lived in Saint-Remy at the asylum. He had just finished Starry Night when he began this work. It was inspired by the view from his window, though it is believed he painted it in the open air by the field itself, after his health had improved and he was given permission to leave the asylum during the day. He regarded it as one of his best summer paintings.

Three Versions of Wheat Field with Cypresses

There were three versions done of this painting, also occasionally known as Cornfield With Cypresses. The main more accomplished version has been held at The National Gallery in London since 1923. Another version, Wheat Field with Cypresses at the Haute Galline Near Eygalieres, was privately owned by a number of private collectors until it was eventually sold to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for $57 million in 1993. There is also a third smaller version that is held in a private collection.
  Replica Wheat Field with Cypresses
Hand-painted Reproduction in Oil on Canvas
  Reproduction Wheat Field with Cypresses on wall

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Sharika Munshi -

I received the painting and loved it. It looks absolutely gorgeous on our wall. It captures the texture and vibrancy of Van Gogh's famous swirls and dashes. To me, the painting is really the best alternative to a real Van Gogh. Van Gogh Studio was excellent in servicing my questions and order. All my queries were answered instantly online. The painting had traveled a fair bit before reaching me, but the impeccable packing ensured it reached me in perfect condition.

Miguel de los Rios -

It's beautiful! Thank you very much.

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