It is not known which work by Van Gogh Leo Gausson received. But after Vincent van Gogh died a painting of each of both artists was exchanged. Gausson was a big fan of Vincent van Gogh. On the Indépendants exhibition in Paris in 1888 their paintings were shown next to each other.

Today 162 years ago, on 14 February 1860, Léo Gausson (1860 - 1944) was born.

In June 1890, Gausson was mentioned in a letter from Theo van Gogh to his brother Vincent in connection with a proposed exchange of paintings which was completed after Vincent’s death.

Theo wrote from Paris to Vincent on 5 June 1890:

"Gausson wants to do an exchange with you, anything you want of his in exchange for what you want to give him. I told him to come one day with me to see you at your place.”

Leo Gausson, Self-Portrait
ca 1900

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