Vincens Bedroom in Arles Musee dOrsay Van Gogh Reproduction
Vincens Bedroom in Arles Musee dOrsay Van Gogh Reproduction
Vincent's Bedroom in Arles Musee d'Orsay Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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A recreation of the bedroom that Van Gogh used for his stay at Arles. The artist has drawn all objects in the painting in pairs, to depict his relationship with his close friend.

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Vincent’s Bedroom In Arles Replica On Canvas

Our artists are expertly trained in all of Van Gogh’s techniques, such as impasto, colour mixing, brush strokes, and complementary colour contrasts, and many more. With these techniques on hand, they are well-versed in recreating all of Van Gogh’s work with impeccable accuracy.

A Contrast Of Colours

Van Gogh invested heavily in colour when working on this painting. Instead of reproducing an image with photographic quality, he devoted his efforts into imagining each aspect and element of the painting to have a different colour scheme, so that each one would complement the other.

To him, it was important that the painting evoke the right emotions with the viewer, so that they could find their own interpretation. One notable point of this painting was that all of the items depicted were in pairs, such as two pillows and chairs.

This was because, at the time, Van Gogh had a close friend stay over.

Bedroom Painted For A Friend

Originally, this painting was intended as a gift to Paul Gauguin who was then staying with him in Arles. After he completed the initial sketches, he wrote to his brother Theo about the work, detailing his obsession for colours, while leaving the shapes as simple as possible.

It was important that everything complimented each other. He specifically avoided the colour white so that the frame that held the painting could be white, and thereby, complete the painting in a sense.

Art In Distress

During the time of painting this, Van Gogh was bedridden with a sickness. The small portraits that hung on the wall inside the painting were actually portraits of his friends, Eugene Boch and Paul-Eugene Milliet, which are known as “The Poet” and “The Lover” respectively.

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