Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually watch Van Gogh paint Starry Night? How did he create it? We’d love to know and learn from the master.

We do know that in the end of his life Van Gogh was able to finish a painting in just one day. His technique is very much based on this incredible pace of applying the paint on to the canvas.

Also the colors often mix on the canvas, not on the palette. It takes a lot of practice to master this skill.

In order to replicate van Gogh’s paintings to the best of our abilities, we tried to work out how van Gogh builds up a painting.

Below (on mobile) you can see the process that has worked out best for us so far. Van Gogh may have painted Starry Night with a similar approach.

So we started with the contours of the background and the Cypress tree at the same time. And then layer by layer we built it up.

Order a Starry Night replica.

You can order the reproduction here, hand-painted in oil on canvas by our talented artists.
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