Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers Oil Painting Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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This breathtaking art piece is from the Arles Sunflowers collection. The vibrant colours show yellows of bloom to arid browns of wilting and death; the stages woven through are splendidly manifested.

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"They are fantastic. Thanks so much for your assistance in helping along the way - Brandon"

Still Life: Vase With Fifteen Sunflowers Replica On Canvas

The replica of this painting is created by talented artists who use Van Gogh painting techniques. The flowers are built up with thick brushstrokes (impasto), which evokes the texture of the seed-heads.

The Arles Sunflowers

Van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers have reconstructed mankind's view of art and life. The painting dates back to 1888, when Van Gogh left Paris to paint in the gleaming sunshine of the South of France, requesting Paul Gauguin to join him.

Waiting for his friend to arrive, Van Gogh painted a series of pictures of sunflowers to brighten his friend's bedroom. They were meant as a sign of friendship and welcome, but also of Vincent's devotion to Gauguin as his artistic leader.

The Berceuse-Triptych

From the moment of his arrival in Provence on February 20, Van Gogh’s art moved forth at a furious pace. The most remarkable paintings were those of the sunflowers. Flowers had eclipsed his output during the summer of 1886.

But it was in Arles that the glorious sunflower period began. This was when he moved into a small yellow house on the edge of the square. The outside walls turned the colour of fresh butter and its shutters a ‘hideous’ green, by his demand.

The five months he waited to move in, inspired his brilliant plan. He is said to have told Emile Bernard, "I'm thinking of decorating my studio with half a dozen paintings of sunflowers."

“The Sunflower Is Mine”

Van Gogh recognized that he had created something significant, and savored the fact that his sunflowers were so distinctive that they worked almost like an artist’s signature.

There is a record of him telling his brother during a period where all other artists were known for painting other flowers, "The sunflower is mine".

The Sunflowers stood for sun and spirit against the dinginess of the north. It was this last one painting in the sequence which the artist himself was most pleased with, and proceeded to sign.

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Fifteen Sunflowers

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Metin Akgürgen - 08-01-2019 17:22

Hello Erik,
My painting today come. Very very good one painting. Thank you very much send very quality. And you very help to me. You come Malatya we go dinner. My telefon number in email.
Hello Amsterdam.
Metin Akgürgen - Malatya

Brandon Dixon - 29-05-2017 20:38

Hi Erik

I have revived the paintings and love them. They are fantastic.

Thanks so much for your assistance in helping along the way.

I'll eventually look at the "Cafe' Terrace" sometime in the future as well and will let you know when.

Thanks again and all of the best


Eva R - 28-09-2016 22:27

Really nice painting. Thank you for the quick delivery and clear communication. I will recommend