According to Vincent van Gogh a painting in a certain style should match the style of the house. Little did he know that especially his colorful paintings that he painted in France would be such a good match with many interiors 100 years after he died.

Today 355 years ago, on 26 August 1666,

Dutch artist Frans Hals died (1582 - 26 August 1666).

Van Gogh was an admirer of his paintings and spent a lot of time researching his technique when he visited the Rijksmuseum in October 1885.

On 9 June 1889 Vincent wrote to Theo van Gogh from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence:

"When I see a painting that intrigues me, I can never help asking myself, ‘in what house, room, corner of the room, in whose home would it do well, would it be in its rightful place’. Thus the paintings of Hals, Rembrandt, Vermeer are only at home in the old Dutch house.”
Would a Van Gogh painting look good in your home?
Would a Van Gogh painting look good in your home?

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