Harvest at La Crau Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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This painting was part of Van Gogh’s Wheafield series. Nature was always a source of inspiration for Van Gogh, and the manual labour of growing wheat also took on a spiritual meaning for him.

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"Excellent service, very pleasant communicating with Erik. I am so happy with my painting. This will not be my last one. Cheers, Miriam"

Harvest at La Crau, with Montmajour in the Background – Replica on Canvas

Van Gogh Studio’s artists are trained in Van Gogh’s specific brush strokes and colour use. Specializing in both landscapes and his more expressionistic works.

Our artists hail from both Holland and the rest of the world and are keen students of Van Gogh, both his painting techniques, and his life story and ways of thinking. Once you see the finished work you will agree that they are very close to the original paintings of Van Gogh.

Harvest at La Crau, with Montmajour in the Background at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The original painting is under proud ownership of the prestigious Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, home to many classic Master works of previous centuries, and stands a walking distance away from Van Gogh Studio.

About Harvest at La Crau

The painting is designed in horizontal planes, in the foreground is the wheat, close behind is the farmhand hard at work, then the patchwork yellow and green quilt fields of La Crau, which lay between Montmajour and Arles. In the background there are purple and blue mountains under a turquoise sky.
Van Gogh loved this area in Provence, and wrote about it in a letter to his brother Theo: ‘….But now I’ve been to Montmajour 50 times to see that view over the plain, if a view can make one forget such small displeasures, then it must have something…’

Current Value of Harvest at La Crau, with Montmajour in the Background

We would estimate the worth of the painting if sold today would be in the 30-50 million dollar range. Interestingly, in 2015 a man was trying to sell a forgery of the original work for 17 million, until he was discovered by Dutch police and prosecuted.

It was said, as Van Gogh works are so sought after, he had multiple foreign buyers interested in purchasing it.

Buy a hand-painted reproduction of Harvest at La Crau

Harvest at La Crau has an evocative spiritualty which advances beyond the representation of the physical world and these markings are what beautifies a home.

Why accept poster or prints when you can add complexity to any room with an attractive and affordable oil painting? For example, the color yellow in the painting reverberates the other colors that are found in a room’s furnishing.

Buying this exquisite painting will definitely beautify the look of your home as it has the power to capture someone’s mind with its power and beauty.

We are sure you will love your reproduced Van Gogh work, but if there is anything less than 100% satisfaction, we offer a full money back guarantee.

Harvest at La Crau Van Gogh Reproduction

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Susanne Hoksbergen - 23-03-2021 09:26

Very happy with my Harvest at la Crau! This really feels like owning a Van Gogh, my favorite artist ever.

Dave M. - 23-02-2021 18:03

Hello Erik

My "Harvest at La Crau" painting is finally hung up in my home. I got it back from the frame shop at the end of last week and took down a few other things on the wall to give it the space it deserves. It looks great, I am truly pleased with it. Thank you and your artists for doing a great job. I just wanted to share the good news.

Dave M.

Dave - 27-01-2021 02:04

I removed it from its shipping tube and it is just beautiful, everything I hoped for when I ordered it. It's a first rate repro and once it's framed and hung, I will enjoy seeing it every day. I toured Provence by bicycle years ago and rode into Arles from the small mountains in the background of this scene, probably passed within just a few kilometers of where Van Gogh was when he did this one and the area looks a lot like this even now. I have a real attachment to this painting. Van Gogh Studio handled my order very professionally - highly recommended.

Robert M. - 13-01-2020 13:59

From the first moment on the chat to sending the tracking number after ordering everything went very smoothly. And moreover.. we are very happy with our harvest painting, especially as it brings us back to our travels through France last year. Thank you, Robert

Henry A. - 18-04-2019 11:26

When I saw the Harvest at la Crau in Amsterdam I wished I had it in my home. I felt quite nervous ordering online, but in case you have doubts I really recommend Van Gogh Studio with Erik’s artists with all my heart.

Of course I can’t afford an orignal Van Gogh, but my harvest is truly the best alternative! Henry, Chicago

Miriam Bafort - 27-07-2018 19:05

Excellent service, very pleasant communicating with Erik. I am so happy with my painting. This will not be my last one. Cheers, Miriam

Frank M. - 30-05-2017 00:55

Hi Erik,

The painting arrived yesterday. It looks wonderful. Thanks.