Although the “Studio of the South" did not have a happy ending, the two artists maintained their friendship and corresponded through letters. They kept the paintings they exchanged and Vincent continued to observe Gauguin's artistic progress and shared his thoughts on his paintings with his brother.

Today 134 years ago, on 9 January 1889,

Vincent van Gogh wrote to Theo from Arles:

"Have you seen the portrait of me that Gauguin has, and have you seen the portrait that Gauguin did of himself during those final days? If you were to compare this portrait which Gauguin did of himself then with the one I still have of him, which he sent to me from Brittany in exchange for mine, you would see that all in all he grew more serene here, personally.”

The Painter of Sunflowers (Portrait of Vincent van Gogh) by Paul Gauguin
Arles, 1888
Oil on canvas
73 × 91 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

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