Thatched Cottages at Cordeville Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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Thatched Cottages at Cordeville, created in 1890, towards the end of Van Gogh’s melancholic life is an excellent adaptation of the beautiful countryside at Auvers-Sur-Oise.

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"Incredible. I ordered the larger size and you almost can't believe how beautiful the painting is. Just like the original, with the thick paint strokes. - Dr Robert Puff"

Thatched Cottages at Cordeville Replica on Canvas

Thatched Cottages at Cordeville is remarkably different from the earlier works of Van Gogh. In the works previous to this, Van Gogh generously used contrasting colors to bring vibrancy and brilliance to his works of art.

Van Gogh’s Love for Thatched Roofs

Van Gogh was a troubled man. He voluntarily confined himself for one year at the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. After a year, he moved to Auvers-Sur-Oise, north of Paris. His love for the countryside is clearly visible in his art.

Most striking to Van Gogh were the thatched roofs of the village cottages. He wrote to both his brother and sister about them. To Theo, his brother, he wrote of his plans to paint the thatched roofs and hoped that these paintings could fetch him some money to make up for his stay expenses.

To his sister Willemien, he wrote, “Here there are roofs of mossy thatch which are superb, and of which I’ll certainly do something”

About Thatched Cottages at Cordeville

A lot of the Romantics also depicted the Auvers countryside. They painted it showing the calmness, serenity and beauty in all their glory. Van Gogh’s depiction, however, was very different.
Truly characteristic of his style, this entire painting narrates crude motion.  It is quite evident in the landscape, the clouds, and even the cottages. For instance, the thatched cottages and landscapes here are highly distorted, flowing and blending into one another.

In another letter to his brother, Van Gogh wrote that he was doing two studies of houses out in the countryside. Thatched Cottages at Cordeville (a hamlet in Auvers) is one of the three paintings depicting these houses. The other two are titled “Houses in Auvers”.

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Thatched cottages

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Daryl G. - 17-08-2019 12:12

Expectations exceeded. This is amazing. My mother was literally crying when she received our present. Can’t thank you enough. All the best and thank you, Daryl

Calista - 10-01-2019 13:29

I just received my Cottages and it is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!! Oh my god I am so glad I ordered it in the original size! Just know that you have an extremely satisfied customer here in LA and I will definitely order with you again. Just need to figure out which one I want next. But I’m sure it won’t take long. Already have a short list! Hahahaha ☺
Calista - LA (Ordered earlier this week)

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. - 29-07-2017 23:10

Incredible. I ordered the larger size and you almost can't believe how beautiful the painting is. Just like the original, with the thick paint strokes.

Tom K. - 29-05-2017 19:59

Excellent! They arrived in good order... smell a little like paint, but...they ARE paint...

I've already got them over in the frame store working on that.

Thanks again - I'm very pleased with them - please convey that to the actual artists too!

Til next time.