Vincent van Gogh’s paintings were often considered worthless when he was alive. But at the end of his career he was exposed at Exposition de la Société des Artistes Indépendants in Paris and Les XX in Brussels. This shows that Van Gogh was recognized by the top of the modern art world of that moment.

Vincent sent 6 paintings to the exhibition of Les XX in Brussels in January 1890. And.. he sold one: The Red Vineyard!

Today 131 years ago, on 15 November 1889,

Octave Maus wrote an invitation to Vincent van Gogh from Brussels:

“Sir. The Association of Les Vingt, founded in 1883 with the goal of organizing an international exhibition in Brussels each year, comprising the works of its members and of twenty Belgian and foreign artists chosen from among those most sympathetic to the artistic principles it represents, requests that you do it the honour of participating in its seventh annual Salon by sending one or more of your works.”

One of the 6 paintings Vincent van Gogh sent was:

Wheat Field at Sunrise (Enclosed Field with Rising Sun)
Saint-Rémy, 1889
Oil on canvas
71 x 90,5 cm
Private collection (Sammlung R. Oppenheimer)

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