In his article titled 'The Isolated Ones,’ art critic Albert Aurier (1865 - 1892) expressed admiration for Van Gogh's unconventional, passionate, and vibrant artistic creations and described Van Gogh as a deserving heir to the Dutch masters of the seventeenth century.

Aurier also argued that Van Gogh's true essence could never be fully comprehended because his art was ‘too simple and at the same time too subtle for the contemporary bourgeois mind’.

The recognition as an artist brought immense joy not just to Vincent himself but also to his family.

Today 133 years ago, on 29 January 1890,

Jo van Gogh-Bonger wrote to Vincent van Gogh from Paris:

"This morning Theo brought in the article in the Mercure, and after we’d read it Wil and I talked about you for a long time — I’m so longing for your next letter, which Theo is also looking forward to."

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