Vincent van Gogh was extremely satisfied with his use of colors in his portrait of Augustine Roulin. Only two weeks after he got out of hospital Van Gogh was focussed on discovering the effects of color combinations.

Today 133 years ago, on 21 January 1889,

Vincent van Gogh wrote to Paul Gauguin from Arles:

"Today I made a fresh start on the canvas I had painted of Mrs Roulin, the one which had remained in a vague state as regards the hands because of my accident. As an arrangement of colours: the reds moving through to pure oranges, intensifying even more in the flesh tones up to the chromes, passing into the pinks and marrying with the olive and Veronese greens. As an Impressionist arrangement of colours, I’ve never devised anything better.”

Augustine Roulin / La berceuse
Arles, 1889
Oil on canvas
92,7 x 72,7 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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