Vincent van Gogh was not only able to make 2000 paintings and drawings in 10 years, but the thoughts and preparation that went into a painting were immense as well. Endless discussions with fellow artists and his brother made his work develop to colorful masterpieces in his own authentic style. Carrying around his easel through the French countryside made it also physically hard work.

Today 133 years ago, on 3 October 1888,

Vincent van Gogh wrote to Theo from Arles:

"Ah — my study of the vineyards — I sweated blood and tears over it — but I have it — another square no. 30 canvas — once again for the decoration of the house.”

The Green Vineyard
Arles, 1888
Oil on canvas
72 x 92 cm
Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands

And one month later Van Gogh painted The Red Vineyard. It became world famous, known as the only known painting to be sold by Van Gogh.

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