The Red Vineyard Van Gogh Reproduction, hand-painted in oil on canvas
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The Red Vineyard that Vincent Van Gogh painted at Arles, in November 1888, is the only painting that the artist managed to sell while he was alive. It was bought by Anna Boch for 400 francs.

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The Red Vineyard Replica on Canvas

The mellowed red and yellow tones and the glistening light of the evening sun that Van Gogh captured in his painting, the red vineyard, have been exactly replicated in our reproduction of the masterpiece.

Our painters arevery talented artists from Holland and the rest of the world and they possess the skills to complete the works, the way we require. They have put in a lot of efforts to understand Van Gogh’s thoughts and techniques so as to bring out the same effects in the masterpieces that we have put up on our website.

The Gauguin Influence

Van Gogh met Paul Gauguin during his visit to Paris in early 1888. After that they both parted ways to establish their own artistic identities. While Gauguin left to Brittany, Van Gogh left to Arles where the warmth and light gave him an opportunity to work with colors.

Van Gogh had this desire to establish an entire community of artists. For the purpose he rented a home, which he called the “Yellow House”. This became his art studio. He invited Paul Gauguin to join him after a couple of exchange of letters that worked at developing a bonding between the two.
Once Gauguin moved to Arles in October 1888, both Van Gogh and Gauguin started working on the same projects. Gauguin’s influence was quite evident in the paintings that were made by Van Gogh during this time.

About the Painting

There was a local vineyard that enraptured Van Gogh completely, especially with the way its colors were getting transformed into red and yellow hues of autumn.

The days were getting shorter and Van Gogh had less time to capture these beautiful views. This must be one of those days when Van Gogh worked outdoors during the early evening, as the sunlight reflected in the river, flowing by the side of the vineyard.

The painting was put up at the annual exhibition of Lex XX in Brussels in the year 1890. Anna Boch, who was an art collector from Belgium and an impressionist painter, bought the painting for 400 Francs. She was known to Van Gogh as the sister of his friend Eugene Boch.

The painting was later acquired by Sergei Shchukin, a Russian Collector, nationalized by the Bolsheviks and then passed on to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

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The Red Vineyard Van Gogh reproduction framed

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Sijt van der Wiel - 13-02-2020 19:28

I am a big wine lover and a Van Gogh fan. This was the perfect painting for me te get replicated. Thanks Van Gogh Studio. It really perfects my living room. Sijt

George F. - 23-04-2019 13:36

Opening the parcel was a pleasure already. The smell of real oil paint. In no way this can be compared with a poster or a print on canvas. The sensation of a piece of art that is is hand-painted by an artist who put his soul into it.

Very happy with my own Red Vineyard!